Facts About Islam

Islam is a religion which shares the same heritage as Christianity and Judaism. You will, therefore, find many practices and beliefs cutting across the various religions. Some of the common beliefs concern the prophets, angels, and scriptures. Islam and Christianity also believe in common practices such as fasting, charity, and prayers. People who believe in Islam are known as Muslims.

The population of Muslims in the world is estimated to be 1.5 billion. Muslims pray and believe in Allah who is the same God that Jesus worshiped. They also believe that God manifests Himself to his true prophets by delivering important messages to them. The messages revealed to the prophets could also change with time. These messages were corrected when God revealed Himself finally in the Holy Qur’an.


Teachings of the Holy Qur’an

Muslims believe that God promised to preserve the Holy Qur’an after correcting the messages he used to deliver to the prophets. However, some people misinterpret the Qur’an including some Muslim who read it without knowledge. For instance, you could hear people talking about the “Holy War.” This is a phrase which is used by some people, but it is not in the Arabic text. The terrorists widely use this phrase, but Islam is a religion of peace. It is a religion which does not entertain or condone any acts of violence or terrorism. Islam and Muslims advocates for capital punishment, self-defence as well as protecting the people from oppression.

The Qur’an is also known for forbidding any forms of mistreatment against women as well as protecting the women’s rights. The true Islam teaches morality, spirituality, modesty, serving society and family, and pure monotheism. According to the Holy Qur’an, all human beings are considered to be equal in God’s eye. Their actions or deeds only distinguish human beings. These actions will be judged after death by the creator. One will either be punished or rewarded according to his deeds. A perfect justice will be given to all people on the day of judgment.

The six fundamentals of Islam

The doctrine of Islamic religion is summarized with the following beliefs they are referred to as the “Six Articles Of Faith.” They are the fundamental beliefs which every Muslim should ascribe to.

  • They believe in the existence of one God –Allah
  • They believe in God’s angels
  • They believe in God’s revelations to Muhammad which are in the Qur’an
  • They believe that there if judgement after life-They believes in continued as well as the transformation of the soul after death.
  • They believe in the supremacy of the will of God or predestination-they believe that God knows about everything which will come to pass