The Effects Of Politics On Development

Bad politics and policies can be a stumbling block to development. In every election, voters are interested in new policies and electing new people who lead to a positive change in governance. However, most f the times the new sound policies which are advocated by new politicians are not implemented. Politicians are very good at analyzing the faults made by the incumbent and past leaders, but once they get elected, they end up disappointing the electorate by their failure to honour their promises and implementing their new policies.

To make the matter worse, some of the policies could affect the economy in a negative manner. This can lead to a decline of the living standards as well as slow down the productivity. The living standards can only improve when there is an improvement in productivity which leads to the creation of wealth. This article is going to highlight on the political factors which affect development. This will help you in understanding why some countries with bad politics remain poor.


Corruption can be disheartening, frustrating and very dis-empowering. Most of the perpetrators of this vice are customs officials and crooked policemen. Corruption is known for complicating small things. It can affect any sectors of the economy. You can imagine living in a country where starting a business, selling or buying properties is complicated by lengthy procedures, all of which requires you to pay a bribe. Power is abused at every level in those countries where there is massive corruption. This can lead to slowing down of the standard processes. It calls for a strong and dedicated leadership to fight corruption.

Poor management

Bad governance if one of the leading cause which has made many countries to remain poor. There are a lot of things which need to be done by the government to encourage development. This includes building and maintaining of infrastructure. These are some of the projects which initiate and encourage development. It would be difficult for people to set up factories in areas which are not accessible or which are insecure. It is the role of the government to set up the necessary laws and business practices which would encourage investment. Such laws are critical, in attracting investors. It is also upon the government to protect individuals and their businesses legally.

Political instability

This has played a key role in some countries which have remained poor for many decades. This is mainly caused by civil war, tribalism, and ethnic tensions. Countries which have experiences long-term conflicts and violence such as Somalia and Afghanistan are very poor. Ethnic divisions such as those experienced in Sri-Lanka can also lead to a constant distraction thereby de-stabilising and discouraging development.


Trade laws

Politics mostly influence trade laws. Some of the trade organizations such as WTO are controlled by the countries with large economies such as Europe and the US. They have more power which affects the trade rules set up by individual governments. You will find the developing countries facing tariff barriers when exporting their commodities to the rich country’s markets.